Kamile Abbas charity organisation was started when my nephew was born paralysed from the waist down. I used to go to EROS school to see all the cerebral palsy people battling their way to be happy. As time went by I decided to put a smile on their faces. By fixing their goods for them, installing Tv’s for them.


When my Nephew was moved to Rosedon House with more elderly cerebral palsy.

Once again I got involved to assist in putting smiles on faces. Fixing items from their swimming pool right through to their computers. Around that time I started to feel a great need in assisting people and their needs. So, we started feeding the poor. First goal was 50 people then 100 people and so it grew.
I received a letter from a school reading that if you give you child 2 slices of bread to school per day, to please add an additional slice for a pupil that haven't eaten in 3 days. This letter touched my heart and so we decided to go and feed the schools. Grade R up to Grade 4.

Currently we are feeding 600 pupils daily. In 2016 we fed pupils at 590 schools.

Our total feeding per month is 30 000 people including informal settlements.


Thing On Wheels current have 3 vehicles in the fleet:
1: Relieve Vehicle,
2: Mobile Kitchen

3: Mobile Clinic

Our next goals are set at feeding 30 000 people per month. I cannot do this on my own, so I am thankful to all the donations and assistance I receive from kind and generous people/companies all over the country.

Cheshire Home, Ghawa - 021 6921220

Rosedon Home, Jean - 021696 2042
Habibia Childrens Home, Zaaid - 083 541 8412

Ubuntu, Naaz - 021 592 0610
Janeri School, Meeran - 083 457 8606